2020 NEA RA

Declaration of Candidacy Form

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TEA Executive Board

Declaration of Candidacy Form

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Due January 31, 2020

DUCKS vs TORONTO Maple Leafs

March 6, 2020


TEA members can purchase hockey tickets for $20 each

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SeaWorld San Diego Teacher Free Annual Fun Card

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For dependent children of current Tustin Educators Association members

   Tax deductible TEA Scholarship Fund:

Due March 13, 2020, 4:00 pm

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The Benefits of TEA/CTA Membership

CTA Our Voice Our Union 2015 quote bubblesThe California Teacher’s Association (CTA) is the state's largest representative of education employees. It exists primarily to protect and advance the professional and economic interests of its members. CTA works for better working conditions, higher salaries, improved health benefits, progressive personnel policies and an affordable and dignified retirement. CTA advocates with the legislature, the public and local boards of education to maintain a sound, effective and productive public education system.

CTA represents more than 340,000 employees of California schools, colleges and universities. The continued membership and support of those CTA represents helps it to articulate a broad range of individual concerns and gives it the clout to deal with those who influence public policy.

What are other reasons to join CTA? CTA offers comprehensive insurance programs, discounts on travel and entertainment packages, and a whole host of professional and career development opportunities, including conferences, scholarships and trainings. Also available is a wide range of publications and other resources for your use. If you’re not already a member, learn how to join by contacting TEA today!