President's Updates

President's Update January 22, 2023

May this year, no matter when it started for you, bring you much health, wealth and happiness. 

Notice of Election Jan. 12, 2023

This is to notify membership of the upcoming elections for the TEA Executive Board and For the National Educators Association Representative Assembly.

Contract Ratification Vote Dec. 20, 2022

TEA has bargained three tentative agreements that are going out to vote. There is also one MOU that has been signed. 

Compensation and Health & Welfare Benefits Vote Dec. 2022

Our Election for Compensation, and Health & Welfare, both ended. Thank you to everyone who took part and voted. 

Tentative Agreements and MOU Nov. 10, 2022

TEA has bargained two tentative agreements that are going out to vote. There is also one MOU that has been signed. You should have received the joint communique from TUSD and TEA yesterday in your work email. 

President's Update Nov. 3, 2022

When writing an update, I try to include items that come in during issues we’ve worked on, questions that are poised, or general items that membership might want or need to know. Lately it seems like there are so many that the updates get longer.

President's Update Oct. 13, 2022

I was told yesterday during training that we are now one quarter of the year through our school year. That thought both filled me with happiness and a little dread (there’s still way too much to do).

President's Update Sep. 9, 2022

Today is also National Voter Registration Day. If you would like to check the status of your registration or would like to register to vote please click here - VOTER REGISTRATION

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