President's Updates

President's Update December 21, 2023

Happy Holidays TEA! It has been far too long since I last sent out anything. My apologies for not sending out more communications during the last six weeks. I would normally have said that there have been a lot of fires to attend to…but…I have learned my lesson and will no longer be saying that any issue is “something on fire” or a “dumpster fire” because in the last six weeks….there have literally been multiple fires, one which still encompasses much of what the district is dealing with. 

Tentative Agreement and Voting Announcement November 16, 2023

TEA Members~TEA has bargained a tentative agreement that is going out to vote. You should have received the joint communique from TUSD and TEA this morning in your work email. 

President's Update November 13, 2023

Hi TEA! There has been a plethora of emails, texts and messages going back and forth amongst our office and members. In order to get back to the majority of people in a timely fashion I’m hoping this will help to answer some of the most recent and most asked questions. 

President's Update November 9, 2023

Hello TEA! First, apologies if you were not a recipient of a text this morning. The morning text chains were all done through a database we have at the office and not everyone has their cell phone number listed. There was thought to email you all, but text seemed the fastest that would be read in the early morning hours. 

President's Update October 10, 2023

Happy Tuesday TEA! Many people tend to talk about THE UNION… it is OUR UNION. Each and everyone of us. We are only as strong as each of us working together can be. Without U and I there's no Union at all. Your membership and your participation matters! 

President's Update September 21, 2023

Happy International Day of Peace TEA! You are doing amazing things, on top of handling increased discipline and behavior issues, increased demands from supervisors, changes to sites/ jobs/ and classes... You are the reason that TUSD is so successful. Thank you for your dedication to our students and dedication to each other. You are excellence beyond measure and I am proud to be working with each of you! 

President's Update August 18, 2023

Welcome Back TEA! It has been far too short of a summer, but it seems like far too long since TEA has updated. I hope that you were all able to relax, unwind and just found your own JOY during our unpaid time off. 

President's Update June 1, 2023

Happy June TEA! Almost there and we can say SUMMER!!!! For all that you do and all that you have done - you don't hear it enough - THANK YOU!!! You are amazing and have now given all of yourselves to educate the future.

President's Update May 9, 2023

Happy May TEA! For every educator it doesn’t matter the zip code, religion or creed, we are creating lesson plans while continually creating a sense of community and safety for our students. 

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