President's Updates

President's Update October 10, 2023

Happy Tuesday TEA! Many people tend to talk about THE UNION… it is OUR UNION. Each and everyone of us. We are only as strong as each of us working together can be. Without U and I there's no Union at all. Your membership and your participation matters! 

President's Update September 21, 2023

Happy International Day of Peace TEA! You are doing amazing things, on top of handling increased discipline and behavior issues, increased demands from supervisors, changes to sites/ jobs/ and classes... You are the reason that TUSD is so successful. Thank you for your dedication to our students and dedication to each other. You are excellence beyond measure and I am proud to be working with each of you! 

President's Update June 1, 2023

Happy June TEA! Almost there and we can say SUMMER!!!! For all that you do and all that you have done - you don't hear it enough - THANK YOU!!! You are amazing and have now given all of yourselves to educate the future.

President's Update May 9, 2023

Happy May TEA! For every educator it doesn’t matter the zip code, religion or creed, we are creating lesson plans while continually creating a sense of community and safety for our students. 

President's Update April 20, 2023

Hello TEA! A couple items to wrap up the week - Here’s the latest from TEA

President's Update April 11, 2023

Happy April TEA! As we find ourselves with less than 40 days left in the school year, and deep in testing mode, or almost to testing mode. I hope that this finds you with time to reflect and realize how much of a difference you continue to make daily.

President's Update March 16, 2023

Happy Almost St. Patrick’s Day and Almost Spring Break TEA! Most people are looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow with the 17th coming. We in Tustin have already found part of that at the end of the day on Friday. Our gold is the Spring Break that seems to have decided to creep slower as the day approaches. 

President's Update January 22, 2023

May this year, no matter when it started for you, bring you much health, wealth and happiness. 

Notice of Election Jan. 12, 2023

This is to notify membership of the upcoming elections for the TEA Executive Board and For the National Educators Association Representative Assembly.

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