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President's Update June 1, 2023

Happy June TEA! Almost there and we can say SUMMER!!!! For all that you do and all that you have done - you don't hear it enough - THANK YOU!!! You are amazing and have now given all of yourselves to educate the future.

Happy June TEA!

Almost there and we can say SUMMER!!!! For all that you do and all that you have done - you don't hear it enough - THANK YOU!!! You are amazing and have now given all of yourselves to educate the future. Time for our unpaid time to refresh. 

Here’s the latest from TEA: 

  1. TEA Sweatshirts and T-Shirts - 
    1. Thank you to everyone who ordered a shirt or sweatshirt. We had over 350 ordered in three different orders. I love walking on campuses and seeing people wearing their TEA pride. This was so successful, and comfortable, that we will work to bring it about again in the coming year. So, if you missed out - or you are like me and like to have several stashed in different places, do not fear - you will most likely have another chance next year. 
  2. Administration Survey  - 
    1. Thank you to everyone who filled out and responded to the Administrator Survey. All administrators have received a copy. They were also sent by level, elementary/ secondary to the Assistant Superintendents of Educational Services, Dr. Villegas and Dr. Matos. Dr. Johnson and Dr. De La Torre in Personnel were sent all levels. 
  3. Special Education - 
    1. The special education administrator survey went out last Friday. Results are being tabulated and will be sent to Dr. Johnson, Dr. De La Torre and Special Education department lead, as well as each person evaluated will get a copy of their own. 
    2.  TEA and TUSD have met a couple of times over the last few months to discuss the issues that were brought to TEA at the Special Education meeting held earlier this year. Through that meeting we found top items to focus on that would hopefully help ALL levels of Sped. Educators. As of last week there is some exciting work that is in the stick model. I cannot share all of the details, but it was more than baby steps and will hopefully help to articulate best practices for the special education department. Work will continue through the summer with TUSD and TEA. As information becomes more set in stone TEA will keep you posted.  
  4. High School - 
    1. Teaching Minutes - TEA was recently made aware that TUSD has said they need to increase instructional time due to zero period and passing periods not counting any longer. We are researching and have requested the reasoning and have asked that the committees making up the changes to schedules, or increase to the teaching day, include current TEA site Reps. 
    2. RCD - TEA has requested to have TUSD meet with us regarding RCD and its impact. This is not to be confrontational but more to make sure that your voices are heard, no matter the support of/ or lack of support for. We originally started with asking the school board and Dr. Matos. We are currently working on a date, which will now be during summer, to invite a few members from each High School staff to come and represent and talk with Dr. Johnson, Dr. Matos and Dr. De La Torre. Site Reps have been sent the information, please talk to them if you are interested in joining. If you are unable and would still love to give feedback. Please follow this link to a Google Form to share what you would want to say. 
  5. Spring Fling - 
    1. We had over 120 members attend our Spring Fling on Thursday, May 19th, at Rock and Brews. There was food, beverages, fun and opportunity drawings. You may view photos from the event through the link below. TEA is looking forward to having more member engagement events once the school year is back in session next year.
  1. TUSD Employment Update for Next Year - 
    1. The last update TEA had to inform you of the decision made at the school board meeting the week before where they had released all temporary employees on June 2nd, at the end of their temporary contracts. We are happy to announce that as of the following Thursday, May 19th, TUSD had already begun to bring back those temporary members. 
    2. As far as we have heard, TUSD has not moved any temporary teachers over to probationary at this time. 
    3. TEA will continue to monitor and be in attendance at school board meetings this summer. 
    4. Remember if you are a temporary teacher, your placement and potential movement to probationary is all dependent on what funding source your employment originated from. So, if you were hired to replace a teacher who is a TOSA or one who is out on extended leave, you are tied to that funding source and will take longer to move to a probationary contract. Currently TUSD has teachers out of the classroom in ILT and MTSS positions and some of the temporary contracts are to cover those teachers who are out of the classroom. It may to always say, or you may not have been told when signing papers, but the movement from temporary to probably 
  1. Legislation - 
    1. Lawmakers are discussing the state budget and need to hear from educators. Urge them to protect investments in public education. 
      1. FACTS: California Governor issues his revised budget proposal on May 12th. We appreciate his and the Legislature’s ongoing commitment to California's public schools considering the growing budget deficit. The revised budget reflects our values ensuring that our students - preschool through community college - have the necessary resources to succeed. 
      2. State lawmakers are a valued partner in the budget process and we are counting on them to thoughtfully negotiate a balanced approach for this year’s budget with consideration for future budgets also. California has been fortunate to enjoy good economic times for the last decade, thanks in large part to funding resulting from two CTA-backed, voter approved ballot measures (Props 30 & 55) that helped stop the deep budget cuts. We have been able to build back programs and services to meet the needs of the “whole child.” We also appreciate the Legislature’s support in providing  COVID-19 funding and flexibility for schools to preserve through the pandemic. HOwever, students, educators, and families suffered extraordinarily during the last economic downturn. We cannot repeat this. Schools need certainty and predictability when planning programs for students and the communities they serve. 
      3. If you are able to contact and speak to your legislators please do - it is important that the legislators continue to make education a priority. Here are some helpers to discuss when calling.
        1. COLA - our state is having issues finding teachers and keeping teachers, fully funding the COLA will help districts to recruit and retain qualified educators, ensuring success of all students. It also means investing in educators and helps educators to live in the communities they teach.
        2. TK and Community Schools - California is in the second year of implementing Universal TK for all 4-year olds. It is important to invest in our youngest learners, and also to fully fund programs they expect to be fully implemented. 
        3. Equity Multiplier - The LCFF was designed to provide more resources to our neediest students and schools. The Equity Multiplier is additional funding allocated to School Districts based on school site eligibility and will target the highest-need schools in the state. 
        4. Please scan the QR Code or go to to send a direct message to your legislators. Just follow the easy steps. Your Letter will make a difference! 

Please scan the QR Code or go to to send a direct message to your legislators. Just follow the easy steps. Your Letter will make a difference!
  1. State Council - May 2023 Meeting 
    1. CTA’s top policy-making body is the State Council of Education. Meeting four times a year, the council’s nearly 800 delegates elect the three state-level CTA officers and the CTA Board of Directors. Council also sets forth CTA policy, develops legislation, and makes recommendations in general elections. If you would like to check out the State Council Page with more information please click HERE. There was a lot that went on. Four times a year we gather in state committees to make and amend policy, review legislation ... .as someone I know calls it - it’s like Teacher Congress. The report sent out by TEA is normally a page or two. Here is the full book that is presented and reviewed on all Sundays if you would like to see how much policy is created and how many bills or issues were discussed. 
      1. President Toby Boyd officially steps down as of June 25th, 2023. 
        1. See his tribute to him for his four years of leadership
        2. President Report at State Council. 
        3. President’s Goodbye Address.
      2. The new CTA officers were installed at the end of Council.

        Installation of New President David Goldberg.  ~ Installation of New Vice President Leslie Littman.  ~ Installation of New Secretary- Treasurer Erika Jones.
      3. Other speakers present at the council. 
        NEA President Becky Pringle.  CTA Director Joe Boyd

      4. Additional Presentations
        REAC - PACC  ~ SOGIIAC

      5. More information from our California Educator: Fighting for Justice/ Working for Better.
  2. June Is:
  1. Pride Month-  June is Pride Month. Find NEA resources to support the LGBTQ+ community in our classrooms and in our daily lives here
    1. NEA Member Benefits partners with the NEA-LGBTQ+ Caucus to offer the "I'm Here" badge. Wear the badge to identify yourself as a safe, supportive person to discuss LGBTQ+ issues. Click here to order a badge and to access the resource toolkit.
      1. CTA LGBTQ+ Pride Month Resources

      2. Legal Rights for LGBTQ+ Employees and Student Pamphlet.  

      3. Other Resources: 

        1. National Association of School Psychologist Resources 

        2. Welcoming Schools - Elementary LGBTQ+ Book List

        3. Welcoming Schools -
          Secondary LGBTQ+ Book List
          LGBTQ+ Virtual Library

  1. Teach the Truth Day of Action - June 10th Some are trying to censor the lessons taught in our classrooms, ban books, and exclude certain kids based on what they look like or where they live. They’re trying to divide and distract us from their failures to provide all of our kids everything they need to learn, grow, and thrive. But together we can make our voices loud and clear to protect the freedom to learn & teach truth. We are moving forward to a better future where every student—whether Black, brown, or white, Native or newcomer, LGBTQ+ or differently abled—has the #freedomtolearn. Teach Truth Day of Action June 10.  
  2. National Flag Week (June 11-17) and National Flag Day June 14 - Both President Wilson, in 1916, and President Coolidge, in 1927, issued proclamations asking for June 14 to be observed as the National Flag Day. But it wasn't until August 3, 1949, that Congress approved the national observance, and President Harry Truman signed it into law. Lesson plans on Flag day from the Constitution Center

  3. Father’s Day - June 18 - The nation’s first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in the state of Washington. However, it was not until 1972—58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official—that the day honoring fathers became a nationwide holiday in the United States. Father’s Day 2023 will occur on Sunday, June 18. History of Father’s Day from The History Channel. 

  4. Juneteenth - June 19 - June 19 as Juneteenth. Juneteenth is observed on June 19 each year, commemorating the emancipation of the enslaved African Americans back in 1865. NEA Resources on Teaching Juneteenth and the Meaning of Freedom - This article has links to more information and many resources. 

  5. Member Benefits: 

    1. NEA -

      1.  Every member should do these three things immediately:

        1. Visit This is the gateway to all your Association benefits.

        2. Click the BLUE “Register Now” link on the page so you’ll be recognized to receive special discounts and important benefits information. (If you’ve already registered, proceed to Step 3.)

        3. Name your beneficiary for your no-cost, Complimentary Life Insurance: Click the “Register Your Beneficiary” button. Don’t leave a benefit unclaimed!

      2. After the long winter, you are probably ready to get outside and breathe the fresh air and soak up those sunrays. Why not start putting your Summer 2023 plans in place? NEA Member Benefits is here to help.

        1. Visit and scroll to , “Sign Up and Save On Your Vacation.” You will need to register and/or sign to the website using a non-school email address, and then you will be able to access the NEA Travel Program with its discounts on car rentals, airfare, hotels, cruises, and guided tours as well as great information on how to stretch your travel budget.

        2. In addition, check out the NEA Discount Tickets Program if you’re planning on visiting Disneyland, or attending a sporting event or show. 

          While planning that summer trip to look at NEA Discount Marketplace, searching restaurant.comto find discounted deals on meals that the whole family will love!

  6. TEA SWAG Bags - Thank you to those that filled out the question at the bottom of the last survey. I now know that a whole…7 of you read all the way to the bottom. And they are the recipients of TEA’s SWAG BAG full of goodies. 

Tara Pauley - Heritage 
Mayra Aguilera - Sycamore
Chandra Wran - Beswick
Cathy Lien - Beswick
Dyana Boone - Beckman
Lisa O’Connell - Ladera
Marisa Paule - Heideman

I don’t know about you, but this was a very long and hard year. The weather at the end of this year seems to mirror the exhaustion that is felt. On a positive note - tomorrow is the finish line. Even after packing up a classroom I am both sad to say goodbye to a school I've been at for decades and to say goodbye to my kiddos, but I am ready to work...less. To find time to read books that don't have pictures and find time for relaxation. 

I am grateful and honored to continue to work with and for you everyday. We have had challenges and obstacles, but we have overcome them. Thank you for all that you do. Please take the time to renew yourself, your energy and…to steal what someone said to me - to find your own rainbows. Please take the time for yourself and know that you matter, everyday, and what you do matters. I hope that this breaks bring you whatever brings you joy! 

Thanks for all that you do everyday! Thanks for being a TEA member! 


In Unity,


Lisa Hickman
President, Tustin Educators Association
State Council Representative 
Third Grade Teacher, Sycamore Magnet Academy
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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